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A Most Curious Visit aka The Long Road Home

A Most Curious Visit, aka The Long Road Home

Nationalism is Archaic in the New World Order

I have been riding a faithful and stubborn mule during these years of protest and this journey has finally led me to a fork in the road, where I encountered shliach with both a cogent message and a sheathed flaming sword. The faithful mule in me began to speak and as the conversation progressed, I began to take heed to the words of this emissary from The Matrix® who appeared as a hybrid of The Oracle and Agent Smith. This individual politely informed me that the earth is not a world of nations, but consists of competing plutocratic and ogliarchic interests of the super-super wealthy, and other interests and loyalties that go beyond the (archaic) idea of nationalism, as I suspected (despite the many colored flags you may see at the United Nations. I was also politely informed that "the (geo-political) situation since the end of World War II must continue, and that the faces and political parties may change in Washington D.C. (as in American presidential elections) and in the nations of the world, however the core corporate policies/values and the world-wide shepherding of the global flock towards modernity and the ideas of western civilization, open societies, and democracy will not be permitted to change.

I inferred from the conversation of this individual, that there is a great deal of personal leeway available to citizens of the world as long as one's purpose is focused and creative and not violent or disorganized and/or chaotic which, either, inadvertently or purposefully could contribute to the success of outside, antagonistic, undemocratic, and anti-modern forces and to a cataclysmic upheaval of the system. However, I also gathered that this person (and the people whom that person represented) was perfectly happy if Sunnis and Shias are killing each other (and thus weakening themselves). That individual told me that our government lies and every government lies; and that lying was necessary and acceptable and that there are various loyalties within our own government and even in the various department (such as the Department of Agriculture) etc. I must be incredibly gullible and naive.

The message, as I understood it, is that these transitional, incremental changes (towards a global, one-world corporate modern government) will necessitate, and has necessitated, a great deal of human suffering, because of the intransigence and backwardness of some societies. Such societies, in evolutionary terms, are doomed to extinction, because of their inability and more importantly, unwillingnessto adapt to the pace of change; to educate both genders of their people, and to leverage their intellectual, communal, tribal, clan, national assets in order to be both producers of goods and services as well as be "partners for progress, peace and mondernity in the overall scheme of things.

The Fork in the Road, aka The Choice

The choice laid before me (as I inferred it) by this angel with a sheathed flaming sword was essentially: modernity, open societies, representative government - to the extent that it is permitted; are you for modernity or are you against it? I concede that my unusually keen internet research, virtual "listening" and sublimation skills haven't been used in a positive way with my protest blogging towards definite, delimited, positive, definable and confirmable objectives. My blogging style and content have been motivated by the deep hurt and harm which I have felt and experienced from the unjust persecution and intolerance of certain members of my community, long before I had ever learned about Palestinians or posted any maliciously hurtful/harmful words about the State of Israel, it's proxies, and their Palestinian policies as a way of remunerating those individuals and their allies with interest. However, I admit that my actions and words were wrong and have led to a never-ending spiral of reciprocated negative actions, words, and communications, both on the part of those who hate me and myself, which do not further my development as a Jew and human being and certainly my previous communications have not been an example of protest for positive, definable, confirmable objectives, which promote reconcilation, true peace and progress for the protagonists.

Little Known Facts About Famous People

Having communicated those thoughts and feelings, I want to say that this hybrid angel, through the skillfully crafted weaving of colorful and textured human-interest stories and anecdotes, was affable, entertaining, and informative, as well and an effective communicator of two things. Content such as: the story of "Brezhnev, the cat lover," who apparently enjoyed auditing university philosophy classes, and the tale of former President Lyndon Johnson and the assertion that "Johnson was a bully," to known facts about Prime Minister Netanyahu, such as the fact that he was actually born in the United States and not in the State of Israel, "in an American hospital room with an Israeli flag planted there" and the interesting tidbit that Ariel Sharon went to school in the United States and lived in America before his Israeli life.

One Last Post - This Is Yosef Bates Signing Off (For Now)

This person also confirmed some of my other researched, but as yet unpublished, in-depth assertions about the large amounts of World War II military surplus aid (including American military aid,) "some of it unusable" which was recieved by those who were establishing the State of Israel, who were allegedly opposed by scarce pockets of Palestinian partisian resistance, who were armed with Ottoman era (World War I era firearms, if that. This is contrary to the commonly heard narratives by certain newspaper commentators who are actively plugged into The Matrix®. This person was also skilled at communicating nuance, such as "There are still 'resorts' in the US and in other lands, despite what you may have read in the newspapers, where the '2012 National Defense Authorization Act' permits even American citizens to be held, without charges indefinately. Places where the ancient cosmetic art of "nail-work," the "therapeutic electric shock" and "water-sports" are still cultivated. I don't think that you want the full force of the United States Government against you." Although I do oppose the War on Terror on principle, I am an American citizen, and I haven't wanted or intended to be (nor do I want or plan to be) a seditious or treasonous person. Therefore, that individuals last assertion is an accurate one. Therefore I intend to take some time and serious consideration, thought, and reflection as to what direction and tone that this blog should take.

A Different Type of Communicator - The Face of Zionism I Had Never Met Before

Yes, this individual's communication style was a world away from previous emissaries whose hateful, insulting, arrogant, incomprehensible diatribes just spurred me on to greater obstinancy and determination. Therefore, I am choosing to disconnect from this cycle of negativity. I am still unplugged from The Matrix® but I am not actively hostile, nor am I planning to be hostile to it, nor will I encourage others to be hostile to it by inflammatory blogging and inciteful rhetoric. I plan to continue to adapt, reflect, and grow and perhaps explore the opportunities that may be available to me to get positively involoved in some form of acceptable activism. This is Yosef Bates, signing off (for now).

P.S. The video link that I stated to get post. It's in high-definition and about 4 minutes long. From about 2 minutes and 28 seconds, see the courage that it takes for unarmed International Solidarity Activists to confront a Caterpillar D9, IDF militarized home demolisher.

This video is of people who fought in the wars to establish the State of Israel and they refute the commonly heard assertions that "A people for a land, for a land without a people."